Billy Barquedier National Park

Billy Barquedier National Park Belize

Tiger Trail

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Nestled among the mountains of Belize flows a creek of the purest water, tumbling over granite boulders set in fine sand. This creek and the surrounding 1,500 acres are the protected areas of Billy Barquedier National Park, which extends from the Stann Creek Valley Road and Billy Barquedier Waterfalls over the mountains to the Mullins River, approximately 4 miles away. The park was created to protect not only the creek, which serves as a watershed for the people of Steadfast Village, but also the amazing biodiversity of the area.

Billy Barquedier National Park is home to many different species of animals, including Belize’s national mammal, the tapir. On a quiet hike through the jungle, one may come cross a tapir trail, gibnuts, howler monekys, or even a jaguar. This area is a haven for birdwatchers as well. With a plethora of native species, the jungle is one of the best places to come observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Even more of an attraction than its collection of native species is the breathtaking scenery of Billy Barquedier . Mountains covered in lush foliage tower over the lowlands, lending a pleasant shade to the hiking trails. The trails wind through these mountains, periodically crossing the prisiting creek that provides drinking water to the village. Even a few hours in the jungle can instill a sense of wonder, but spending an entire day or two in the park will leave you in awe of nature’s overwhelming beauty.