Billy Barquedier National Park

Billy Barquedier National Park Belize

Billy Barquedier


Billy Barquedier National Park (BBNP) was declared in December 2001. Located in the Stann Creek District of Belize, south of the Manatee Forest Reserve, it has an approximate area of 1500 acres It is in the category II of the IUCN. The park is co-managed by the Forest Department of Belize and STACA for the conservation of the ecological characteristics of site, protection of the watershed, and promotion and development of the park (Walker y Walker, 2011).

One of the waterfalls that forms part of the watershed and is within the protected area is used for tourism. The upper part of this zone supplies the communities of Steadfast, Alta Vista and Valley Community with drinking water.

The existing ecosystems in the BBNP shelter populations of vulnerable species such as the jaguar (Panthera onca), tapir (Tapirus bairdii), ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) and howler monkey (Alouatta pigra) (Miller and Miller, 1994, Walker and Walker, 2011). The watershed is habitat for migratory birds and other endemics such as the Keel Billed mot-mot (Electron carinatum) and cerulean warbler (Dendroica cerulea) (Burke et al., 2009, Walker and Walker, 2011).

The Billy Barquedier National Park entrances are easily accessible from the Hummingbird Highway between miles 19 and 16.5. A short trip to the Billy Barquedier National Park falls begins at mile 17. Our office and resource center is located at 16.5 miles Stann Creek valley Road, Steadfast Village, Stann Creek District, Belize, CA